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Inspired by and utilizing technology found in the hospital “clean room,” Austin Air created the True Medical Grade HEPA filter paper. Why? Clean rooms are designed to control the air by filtering it of dust and particles that can be irritants and harmful to the human respiratory system.

Austin Air’s story began over 30 years ago with it’s co-creator, Joyce Taylor. Joyce has severe breathing issues and very little seemed to help improve the condition. Her and husband (also co-creator), Richard Taylor, discovered the concept of the “clean room” employed in hospitals. In this clean room, Joyce was able to find relief. Both were determined to re-create the clean room experience for their home as well as for the homes of other families.

By word-of-mouth, Austin Air grew from small batch, hand-assembled units to a full manufacturing process. Now, Austin Air operates their business in a facility that measures beyond 470,000 square feet. Yet, Austin Air still controls the manufacturing process in-house and maintains a smaller, family business feel. Austin Air’s superior HEALTHMATE machine is now the air cleaner of choice by physicians and specialists in North America. In this very minute, Austin Air purifiers are hard at work cleaning homes, offices and industrial complexes around the world.

Started in Buffalo, New York, Austin Air has a Canadian division that supports the Canadian market. Visit their official website here.

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The HealthMate HM200 Junior Air Purifier is a powerful and compact variant of the HealthMate Standard. Based on Austin A...

The Allergy Machine HM405 Junior Air Purifier is specially designed for damp and humid environments, such as basements. ...

The Baby's Breath HM205 Junior Air Purifier is specially designed for your brand new family member. Ensure that you...

The HealthMate Plus HM250 Junior Air Purifier is Austin Air's enhanced junior edition of their original model. It p...

The Pet Machine HM410 Standard Air Purifier is the best for removing pet-related odours and pet dander. Within the syste...

The HealthMate HM400 Standard Air Purifier is Austin Air's high-performance original model. At a great value, this ...

The Allergy Machine HM405 Standard Air Purifier is specially designed for damp and humid environments, such as basements...

The HealthMate Plus HM450 Standard Air Purifier is Austin Air's enhanced edition of their original model. It provid...

The Bedroom Machine HM402 Standard Air Purifier was formerly known as the National Sleep Foundation Air machine. Relying...

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