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Le Blanc’s promise is: clean and simple.

The typical approach to removing stains and cleaning fabrics has been to use boiling hot water and harsh, dry cleaning chemicals that end up damaging the original fabric. The solution? A cold water cleaner for use in your home washing machine.

Le Blanc was founded on the principal that your fine linens and materials should be simple to care for at home. Over 30 years ago, Le Blanc was created by their Master Chemist. When approached by a specialty linen shop, Mr. Blanco agreed to assist the shop in creating a formula that would remove a variety of stains, such as: dried blood, grease and lipstick. After several months of work in the laboratory experimenting and testing, he developed a solution that would safely clean all linens. Le Blanc’s flagship product LINEN WASH was born. Not only did it care for delicate, high-end linens, but it also provided a restoration of the original material.

Le Blanc tests and ensures that all of their products remove difficult stains without the use of enzymes. Le Blanc washes work in cold-water rather than hot water to prevent shrinkage, damaging fibres and setting stains when laundering. Le Blanc products are 100% biodegradable, contain organic ingredients that are safe for high efficient washing machines and are Made in America.

Le Blanc, Inc. is still a family owned and operated business located in Tampa, Florida, USA. Visit their official website here.

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The Le Blanc Laundry Wash is an exceptional cleanser. Formulated to clean some of the worst soiling while maintaining the...

The Le Blanc Downwash is an exceptional cleanser and preserver of your favourite down item. How? It is formulated to pres...

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