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Common Mattress Sizes

Often times consumers can become confused with all of the differences in mattress measurements found online. Mattress sizes and the system used to measure them change from country to country. All of the mattress sizes listed below are displayed in Width by Length and in the system of measurement most common in the respective country. Please keep in-mind that mattress depth (thickness) varies between all mattresses depending on the model itself.

Standard Sizes in Canada & the USA

Mattress sizing in North America is commonly measured and displayed in inches (imperial system).


North American Sizes:
Crib* 28″ x 52″ 71.12cm x 132.08cm
Twin (Single) 39″ x 75″ 99.06cm x 190.5cm
Twin XL (Single Extra Long) 39″ x 80″ 99.06cm x 203.2cm
Double (Full) 54″ x 75″ 137.16cm x 190.5cm
Queen 60″ x 80″ 152.4cm x 203.2cm
King (Eastern King) 76″ x 80″ 193.04cm x 203.2cm
California King (Western King) 72″ x 84″ 182.88cm x 213.36cm

*Some crib mattresses actually measure 27″ x 51″.

It is not uncommon that most mattress manufacturers produce mattresses with a variance of up to 1″ (inch) on both width and length. This can be seen most often when comparing between mattresses made from different materials (such as: rubber (latex) mattresses, coil (spring) mattresses or foam-based mattresses) as well as by different companies (or brands). The official measurements that set the standard are followed as closely as possible and variance in measurement is considered normal by the industry.

Standard Sizes in Europe and England (United Kingdom)

Mattress sizing in Europe (EU) and the UK is commonly displayed in centimetres (metric system), not inches. In some countries, such as Italy, these sizes are referred to by a different terminology while the measurements remain the same as in other European nations.


Euro Sizes:
Twin (Single) 90cm x 200cm 35.43″ x 78.74″
Twin XL (Single Extra Long) 90cm x 210cm 35.43″ x 82.68″
Small Double 120cm x 200cm 47.24″ x 78.74″
Double 140cm x 200cm 55.12″ x 78.74″
King 160cm x 200cm 62.99″ x 78.74″
Grand King 180cm x 200cm 70.87″ x 78.74″
UK King 150cm x 200cm 59.05″ x 78.74″
UK Super King 180cm x 200cm 70.87″ x 78.74″

Custom Mattress Sizes

At Soma, it is our standard practice to speak of and offer our mattresses in the common North American sizes. We are also able to make available certain mattress lines in European sizes without extra expense.

All of our organic rubber (latex) mattresses can be custom-to-order in a size made to your preference or requirements. Please contact us via e-mail or speak directly with a Soma Sleep Specialist by calling us at 1-844-276-2337 and we are ready to serve!

Refunds, Shipping & More...

We will accept a return and provide a full refund on any bedding item that is categorized as regularly stocked merchandise, providing that the item is unused and in the original packaging including any product tags that were attached to the product.

At Soma, we focus on the total sleep health and needs of our customers by ensuring every product that leaves our shelves or shipping department is brand new!

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