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Why choose a Soma Organic mattress?

An organic mattress is not like other mattresses. Soma Organic Mattresses is not your typical mattress store. We are just as unique as each one of our clients that walk through our doors.

Today’s consumer is more educated and discerning than consumers in time’s past. With the advent of the Internet, more and more information is available yet it can still be confusing processing all of the details. Our goal is to provide you with clarity while sharing of precise details. With the increased need for safe and healthy products (made from natural elements), Soma Organic Mattresses has curated a wide selection of quality, certified organic products for your bedroom and home.


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Why go Organic?

Soma Organic Mattresses has been in business offering premium organic mattresses and bedding since 2004. Our commitment has always been to provide quality, third-party certified organic products made in Canada, the USA and Europe. We represent well-established North American brands including brands such as: Green Sleep, Savvy Rest and Sleeptek. We believe it is our responsibility to, not only ensure that we carry well-made products for our clients, but that each brand and product is utilizing the best available natural elements with third-party verification.

As with modern life, our catalog of organic mattresses continues to improve and evolve with our client’s needs. Soma ensures that each client is cared for on and individual basis and paired with the mattress that is best suited for their specific sleep preference. Whether you are an individual or couple searching for a new mattress, Soma’s staff aims to provide you with the best ergonomic fit.

When you select an organic mattress with Soma, you are choosing a mattress: made to higher standards, made with flexibility in comfort (through customization) and great value for your money. Our expert team has carefully and deliberately hand-selected the best available mattresses and bedroom products with your health and lifestyle in-mind. Thank you for choosing Soma Organic Mattresses!

Refunds, Shipping & More...

We will accept a return and provide a full refund on any bedding item that is categorized as regularly stocked merchandise, providing that the item is unused and in the original packaging including any product tags that were attached to the product.

At Soma, we focus on the total sleep health and needs of our customers by ensuring every product that leaves our shelves or shipping department is brand new!

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