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October 07, 2014  |  About Green Sleep ,Green Sleep

Green Sleep History

Green Sleep History – A Legacy

European designed and made in Canada for over 10 years, Green Sleep started in Wevelgem, Belgium over 30 years ago with their first concept sleep system designed to keep your spine correctly aligned without subjecting your body to harmful chemicals by crafting components from certified organic rubber, certified organic wool, and certified organic cotton. Green Sleep Europe along with Green Sleep North America are dedicated to the science of sleep and the development of quality mattresses and sleep products that are made with pure healthy materials without compromising quality. Their legacy is Purity.


Why Choose Green Sleep?
The Wheel of sleep

Green Sleep’s Wheel of Sleep

For many years now Green Sleep North America has partnered with a leading University Clinic on sleep. The study is based on the  determining factors affecting the quality of your sleep and understanding the needs to obtain this phase of deep sleep. Certain factors were clearly stood out and here are the five most important criteria for healthy rejuvenating sleep.

  1. One third of your life is dedicated to sleeping. Thus, the quality of your sleep will affect directly your over-all health and psychological makeup. The Green Sleep design was founded on research that studied how materials & components and different structural support have on the most vital phases of sleep. The quality of the support, the relieving of pressure points on specific areas of your body, a healthy sleep environment with non-allergenic quilting are all what makes a Green Sleep organic mattress so unique. All of the quality elements will ensure the quality of your sleep and regenerate your body on a daily basis. In essence, it will help you stay more healthy regenerating and rejuvenating the body increasing your immune system along the way.

  3. An important advantage of Green Sleep is that you can easily customize your own specific comfort and alignment needs for two different sleepers on the same mattress. The support layers and comfort features are configured to your specific needs to maximize a correct ergonomic posture for both sleepers.

  5. Sleep ergonomics is about more than good support while you sleep. Naturally the body needs to be well supported, on a Green Sleep organic mattress, the support layer is specifically designed to maximize the posture of your neck, spine and hip while maintaining your phase of deep restorative sleep and to keep correct alignment throughout your complete sleep cycle. This support layer is independent from the other layers and can be adapted to match your favorite sleep position. Poor-quality sleep is proven to negatively affect your over-all health which why correct alignment through superior and advanced sleep ergonomics is vital.

  7. Scientific research has proven that during a full night’s sleep, most people will move many times throughout the night. This is mainly caused by uncomfortable pressure points or the numbness of a limb. These movements will directly affect the possibility of reaching a deep restorative night’s sleep and how long you can remain in it. It is this specific and precious phase that the body will regenerate and maintain a healthy mental balance which is essential to every individual’s optimal health. Which means that the quality of this phase is vital to awaken rested, balanced and healthy. Pure natural rubber has been proven to be one of the best organic raw materials possible to relieve pressure points on our body during sleep. Digging even deeper into this study has also proven that the purity of this natural rubber had a direct impact on the quality of this ergonomic support. So by having less pressure points on your body, your movements will be reduced in your sleep resulting in a better & longer phase of deep sleep making you feel better each day of your life.

  9. Thanks to the high quality of each components and our high standard for design and manufacturing, each Green Sleep mattress is made to last a very long time.Also our lifetime Green Sleep mattress is made in such way that it is possible to move and change the support zones for your future needs (ex. Maternity, change in your physical condition, new needs following an operation, etc..) Basically your Green Sleep mattress can adapt itself to your ever changing needs and comfort over time. This Green Sleep lifetime particularity is exclusive to our mattresses during it’s whole life making it a profitable investment over time.

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