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Soma Organic Summer Comforter

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Product Overview

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The Soma Organic Summer Comforter is your ideal summer sleep companion. Made with 100% breathable, organic materials, our summer comforter is built lightweight for the summer warmth. Remain dry and comfortable without compromising on your coziness. Have all seasons covered by adding this to our All Season Comforter, which creates a winter weight comforter.

About Soma Organic Summer Comforter

The Soma Organic Summer Comforter is your best friend on warm summer nights. As most people sleep, they enjoy wrapping themselves in either a comforter or a duvet. When summer time is upon us, this can become too hot and uncomfortable. Many comforters and duvets are made with synthetic fibres that are non-breathable or are made much too heavy for the summer heat. Our Organic Summer Comforter is our thinnest and most lightweight comforter. Made of 100% organic materials, enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep while our comforter keeps you dry and comfortable. Looking for a comforter that is usable throughout the entire year? Try our organic All Season Comforter.

All Soma Organic Summer Comforters are Made in Canada.

Benefits of an Organic Bedding Product

Some of the many benefits of sleeping with organic bedding products:

  • strengthening your immune system’s performance
  • creating an improved sleep cycle
  • avoiding harmful chemicals and adhesives
  • reducing sneezing and asthma attacks
  • regulating your body’s temperature
  • creating a non-hospitable environment for dust and dust mites
  • significantly diminish skin-related reactions
  • avoiding harmful off-gassing
  • reducing headaches related to your sleep environment
  • minimizing pressure points
  • sleeping on a completely natural surface

Product Specifications

  • 100% certified organic sheep’s wool filling
    • Wool is antibacterial and dust-mite resistant
    • Approximately 175 grams per square metre
  • 100% certified organic soft cotton cover
  • Rows of stitching (or quilting) run the length and width of the comforter
    • This prevents any movement or bunching of the organic wool fibre inside
  • 100% naturally breathable materials
  • Finished with corner loops for duvet cover ties
  • Can be combined with our All Season Comforter to create a Winter weight comforter
  • Available in North American Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen and King


  • Organic Wool is GOTS certified
  • Organic Cotton is GOTS certified

Comforter Dimensions

Twin Size 63″ x 86″ 160cm x 218.4cm
Double Size 78″ x 86″ 198.1cm x 218.4cm
Queen Size 86″ x 90″ 218.4cm x 228.6cm
King Size 102″ x 90″ 259cm x 228.6cm

Availability, Shipping & Delivery

The Soma Organic Summer Comforter is typically stocked in Queen Size and King Size at our Toronto location. When not in-stock, orders usually take between 2-3 weeks for production. While Ontario customers can expect shorter delivery times, all Canadian customers can expect delivery within 2-7 days from date of purchase (time is dependant on your location). This product qualifies for FREE shipping and handling across most locations in Canada.

Care Instructions

  • Protect your comforter with a quality duvet cover
  • Use a chemical-free, light soap for stains
  • Air (hang) dry
  • Do not wash your comforter
  • Avoid getting your comforter wet or keeping it in a damp environment
  • Hang your comforter in fresh air and direct sunlight 2-3 times a year for rejuvenation of the wool

Product Warranty

This item is covered by Soma’s 3-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship. Soma Organic Mattresses will act on your behalf in the event of any potential warranty claim.

You can inquire about your specific product warranty by contacting Soma Organic Mattresses directly.

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We will accept a return and provide a full refund on any bedding item that is categorized as regularly stocked merchandise, providing that the item is unused and in the original packaging including any product tags that were attached to the product.

At Soma, we focus on the total sleep health and needs of our customers by ensuring every product that leaves our shelves or shipping department is brand new!

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